Again and Again (heavy hearted)

Man and nature, both
Destructive and absolute,
Leaves hearts, lives, broken.



Circles of Ends

Great grandfather left

Behind his family name.

I too cut my ties.

via Daily Prompt: Circle

When my great grandfather immigrated, he changed his last name. I learned of this recently and was plagued with questions. Why did he do this? Who was he? Who am I? And it bothered me until I found myself facing yet another betrayal from my family. To preserve myself, I disconnected and said my goodbyes. I will never know his truths, but I can begin to understand why.



Blank page

So beautiful

This untrained hand


Descending onto your body.

Teeming with suppressed hunger

Words burgeon forth unchecked,

I slash wildly with eager strokes

Ripping open pain

Baring raw, my soul,


Your pristine promise.