The Vote (Daily Prompt: Tend)

Winds shift, batters, breaks

Through dreams and the clasp of hands,

Against hope, tends right.

via Daily Prompt: Tend




Left alone

With you

For you

To touch,

To kiss,

To command.

No one but you

Heard my cries,

Saw my tears,

Tasted my fears.

“Shh” you whispered,

Stealing my youth,

My spirit,

My voice.

via Photo Challenge: Silence


Bound wrists

Yanked high overhead.

Sisal slivers wormed

Through skin.

The hiss and snap

Of leather taunted.

Layer by layer

Peeled back,

Cloth then flesh.

Nipping, biting,

Tearing once blood scented.

Helpless, gagged,

No one stopped

When she tried

To utter her plea,

Using his safe word,