Rest Beat


I drum my sticks

Striking a melody

A different tune,

A Unique beat.

With each hit,

I play my song

Not the best,

But unapologetic,

Unafraid to be myself,

Apart from the rest.




I am an artist. The medium may change, but the need to create remains the same. I created Potted Peace… bringing good energy to you and your plants.


Each item is handmade by me. Most are made with a lava bead which are created through fiery destruction and upheaval. Lava is grounding and gives you courage and strength, especially when faced with major life changes. I pair it with a crystal to add positivity, insight, calm, love or balance.


I’m on Instagram Check out #mmdPottedPeace to see more. I accept custom orders also.


Goddess of mine


Sinuous curves
of breasts
And ass sway
With each step
as she prowls.
Head tossed back,
Sending waves of silk
She howls,
No longer silent,
demanding action.
I set you free.

Thank you to Lisett on Instagram as @lisett_wonderwoman who created this amazing artwork and to @amarisland for asking, “What are you ready to release?” Me? I’m ready to release my inner goddess.